Standardised Price List

We are required by law to display and have available to download, the following Standardised Price List. It provides details of our standard full price costs, along with the Third Party costs that can be incurred as part of a Funeral service.
This document must be displayed and made available by every Funeral Director and can be used as a useful comparison to general pricing.

The fees on this price list are our standard prices,
however, you will find that our packages opposite offer better value for the families we care for.

Spa still life with candles and lavender

Unattended Cremation Package


vase of flowers on an altar in the church and the candles on background

Complete Cremation Package



Horse Drawn Cremation Package


Well tendered graves in a rural English parish churchyard.

Traditional Burial Package


closeup shot of a colorful casket in a hearse or chapel before funeral or burial at cemetery

Simple Cremation Package


Religion, death and dolor  - mortician on funeral with urn

Premium Cremation Package


English cemetery, tombstones surrounded by abundant flowers of intense colors, contrast between life and death

Our Simple Burial Funeral



Premium Burial Package