Pre-Payment Funeral Plans

Funeral Plan Information

A funeral plan can provide peace of mind for you and your family and could save you money. You choose the funeral you want and pay for our services included in the plan at today’s prices, relieving your family of worries and uncertainty at a distressing time. By choosing to take out a funeral plan with Jennifer Ashe & Son, not only do you benefit from our unbeatable local prices, but you have the added peace of mind of knowing that when the time comes, your funeral will be of the very highest quality.

Every year thousands of people pass away without leaving funds for their funeral. This of course can put extra strain and worry on to those who are left behind, not to mention the financial burden of paying for a Funeral. You are in a position to take away that financial burden from your loved ones, by setting up a Funeral Plan with Jennifer Ashe & Son you are taking a massive step in supporting your loved ones when you have gone.

The price of funerals, like everything else, has been rising year on year. That’s why it is more important than ever to be planning ahead and preparing for our future.

Taking out a funeral plan is a sensible and thoughtful way to help protect yourself against these increases. More than a million people in the UK have taken out a funeral plan. We recommend funeral plans from Golden Charter, one of the UK’s largest providers of plans* to independent funeral directors like us.

With a range of plans and flexible ways to pay, a Golden Charter Funeral Plan with Jennifer Ashe & Son offers you exceptional value and choice. Plus, you can tailor your plan to meet your personal wishes, from the service and type of coffin, to the music, flowers and readings. This way, your family will find great comfort knowing that your funeral will be carried out according to your wishes.

With a Jennifer Ashe & Son Golden Charter Funeral Plan you’ll benefit from:

  •       Protection against rising costs
  •       Reassurance for your family – less uncertainty and fewer difficult decisions
  •       Flexible ways to pay
  •       The assurance that your local and independent funeral director will look after you when the time comes

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* Based on recent market share of funeral plans sold.  For details please see Funeral Planning Authority statistics 2017 at and Golden Charter Annual Report 2016/17 at

Funeral Plan Costs

In line with our policy or working open and honestly with the families we serve below you will see a breakdown of how your funeral plan with Jennifer Ashe & Son will be calculated.

There are some costs that we are obliged to pay on your behalf. These third party costs include the charges of cemeteries and crematoria, as well as doctors’ fees for cremation certificates the fees of clergy or officiants and the costs of news paper notices and memorials. The amount of this expenditure is not within our control and may require a further payment at the time of need.

With this in mind our approach to your funeral plan is a simple one;

  1. Choose the Services you would like from Jennifer Ashe & Son – These can be found by clicking here
  2. Choose the amount of money you would like to include in your funeral plan to pay towards the third party costs, such as burial or cremation fees
  3. Golden Charter charge a one off administration fee of £249 to set up and manage your plan for it’s duration.

Examples of some recently organised funeral plans with Jennifer Ashe & Son

Cremation Funeral Plan 
Jennifer Ashe & Son Funeral Fees£1,450.00
Cremation Allowance£800.00
Minister Allowance£200.00
Golden Charter Administration Fee£249.00
Total Funeral Plan Cost£2,699.00

Burial Funeral Plan 
Jennifer Ashe & Son Funeral Fees£1,450.00
Burial in an existing grave (Council Cemetery)£1205.00
Church Fees, allowance for minister, organist and heating£500
Golden Charter Administration Fee£249.00
Total Funeral Plan Cost£3,404

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