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Like everything else, the cost of funerals are rising year on year, that’s why it’s more important than ever to be planning ahead and preparing for the future. Purchasing a funeral plan with Jennifer Ashe & Son is a sensible and thoughtful way to protect yourself and your loved ones against yearly increases.

Below you will see our three most popular funeral plans, we can also offer a bespoke plan, tailored to your individual requirements.
Each plan contains an allowance towards the third-party fees such as Crematorium or Burial fees.

Each of our plans contain an allowance of £1,100 towards the third-party fees, such as Cremation (national average £800) and Minister fees (national average £200). This allowance rises annually at least in line with RPI. There may be a balance to pay at the time of need if the 3rd party fees payable by the funeral director on your behalf when you die, exceed the allowance in your plan (+RPI) at that time. If you are choosing a Crematorium which charges above the national average you can add extra to the allowance to ensure there is enough to cover the additional fee or the family can pay the difference at the time of need.

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