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Arranging a Funeral for a loved one is of course an emotional time, here at Jennifer Ashe & Son our family want to make it as seamless as we possibly can for you.
With this in mind, we are able to assist you in every step of honouring the life of your loved one, from choosing the right coffin, the right funeral style, the right order of service, the right flowers, the right funeral vehicle and the right long lasting memorial, whether that be in the form of a Headstone, Ashes Casket or Scatter Tube, we are able to provide everything you need and we are happy to arrange all or some of these for you, taking away the strain and burden enabling you to focus on your grief and support those closest to you at this difficult time.



We offer a range of Coffins and Caskets at Jennifer Ashe & Son.

We offer an extensive range of coffins to suit all tastes and budgets.
From traditional solid wood and veneers, as well as modern bespoke ‘photo’ coffins, American style caskets and eco-friendly wicker and cardboard coffins.

Floral Tributes

Our highly trained florist is able to provide beautiful floral tributes to suit your tastes and budget.
Please take a look at our extensive range of funeral flowers and if there is something bespoke you would like please speak to us.


Jennifer Ashe & Son offer a large range of Memorial Stones.

Please take a look at our extensive range, we work closely with our Stone Mason to ensure your design needs are met, delivering a high quality product that is a lasting memorial to the life of your loved one at a price you can afford.


Ashes Caskets and Scatter Tubes

We have urns suitable for both burial or for keeping your loved ones ashes at home.
Please click our link to view our extensive range of Ashes Caskets, Urns and Scatter Tubes

Ashes can also be used to make personal keep-sakes in the form of jewellery and glassware, if this is something that you feel would make an everlasting tribute to the memory of your loved one, please look at our ‘Ashes into Glass’ section.

Ashe OOS

Order of Service Sheets

We are able to offer an extensive range of personalised order of service sheets honouring your loved one.

Please have a look at our range, if there is something you’d like that you don’t see in our range please ask a member of our family who will be able to discuss your needs with our printer.


Funeral Vehicles

We have an extensive array of funeral vehicles at Jennifer Ashe & Son.

We use Jaguar Hearses and Limousines, however we can provide you with a varied choice of other modes of transport for your loved ones final journey.

Click our link and view some of the other choices we have on offer.


Ashes into Glass

We are proud to offer this most personal range of jewellery as a lasting tribute to those you love.

Ashes into Glass fine jewellery is hand made using a small tea spoon of your loved ones Ashes, meaning you carry your loved one with you daily

Your Ashes into Glass jewellery will remind you that your loved one is with you.


Memorial Candles

These beautiful memorial candles can be purchased from Jennifer Ashe & Son, a lovely lasting tribute to the memory of your loved one.

Our candles come in two different sizes and are battery operated.

Please click in to our candle page to view more information.

Blue Deluxe Gown

Coffin Furniture

A selection of the coffin gowns and frills we offer as well as different coffin handles and furniture.

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