Jennifer Ashe & Son Funeral Fees

Jennifer Ashe & Son Funeral Directors are committed to offering a high quality, personal service at affordable prices.
With this in mind we have listed our most popular funeral packages below.

Please click on the options below to view the details of each package.

Simple Funeral
+ Disbursements

Our simple funeral service includes our professional services, a choice from one of three coffins and provision of a Rover Hearse.
We believe in offering our families choice and control over their loved ones funeral, with this in mind even our simple funeral has no restrictions on the day of the week or the time of the day you wish to choose

Traditional Funeral £1450 + disbursements

includes a new style Jaguar Hearse & Jaguar Limousine, our professional services and a Coffin suitable for burial or cremation..

'All Inclusive'
Funeral Package

Our complete cremation package includes everything needed to provide your loved one a beautiful and dignified funeral service.
includes our professional services, a choice of nine coffins, new style Jaguar Hearse & Limousine, 3ft floral coffin tribute, Order of Service booklets and either a scatter tube or ashes casket to hold your loved ones ashes.
Included in this price are the third party fees – Please click on the logo for further details.

'All Inclusive'
Horse Drawn Package

 includes everything needed to ensure your loved one has a beautifully regal send off .
This ‘one price’  package includes our professional fees, a Black or White Horse Drawn Hearse, Jaguar Limousine, cremation fees, medical certificates, floral tributes, minister fees and orders of services.

Direct Cremation £1200

Designed for those who do not want a ceremony at the time of the cremation. The cremated remains can be returned to the family and a memorial service can be held at a later date. This type of funeral is the simplest and least expensive we offer, given that there is no formal ceremony at the crematorium.

** It is our policy to always inform you of the date and time of your loved ones cremation so you may take some time out to reflect and honour their memory**

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